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At our Don Bosco Counseling Centre, we assure an effective treatment for individuals suffering from varied psychic illnesses by using various clinical tests and the most modern equipment. We ensure apt treatments for the following problems:

Problems of Children & Adolescents:

The problems such as : disinterest in studies; laziness to go to school; forgetting what is studied; lack of concentration; too much interesting games and T.V; repeated failures in the examinations; fear of examinations; stubbornness; forgetfulness; repeated crying and throwing temper tantrums; moodiness; feelings of inferiority; stealing and lying habits; hyperactivity; compulsive demand; tearing things apart,throwing things down and breaking; chronic disobedience; too much sleep; various phobias; unusual fear; hiding due to  fear complex; truancy etc.

Fear-based problems such as:

Fear-based problems such as Hysteria, Phobia, Death Fear, Possession Syndrome, Witch-Craft, Dead Body Fright, Somnambulism, Stealing and Lying habits and Fright after a suicide death.

Loss-based problems such as:

Loss based problems such as Depression, Insomnia, Amnesia, Traumatic Crying, Suicide Mania and Depression due to love failure, Loneliness, Poor Memory, Hyper Activity, Kleptomania, Fatigue, Over Eating, Flirtatious Habits, Compulsive Demand, and Nail Biting.

Anger-based problems such as:

Anger based problems such as Suicide Compulsion, Head-ache, Migraine, Fits, Stress Conflict, Speechlessness, Quick-Temper, uncontrollable Anger, Hatred and Arrogance towards everybody, Lack of Concentration, Paranoia, Psoriasis, Eczema, Tumour and Cyst. 

Guilt-based problems such as:

Guilt based problems such as  Afraid to face people, Inferiority Complex, Stage-Fright, Trembling hands while writing in front of others, Paranoid Reaction, Toilet Obsession, Stomach Ulcer, Stuttering, Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis, Unusual Piety, Uncontrollable Guilty Conscience, Severe Menstrual Pain, Sexual inadequacy of Impotency and frigidity and Bed-Wetting.